Transportation Day!

A friend of mine invited us to attend her preschool co-op’s Transportation Day – basically, lots of really big vehicles for the kids to climb around in. We went yesterday and many of our friends were there. I had a great time seeing lots of other mamas and their kids! What’s not to like, right?

011 (800x533) (2)with one little friend on the MTA bus (which I bet has never actually had any passengers in it because it was spotless)

Apparently, when you’re three, it’s not so fun to climb into really big vehicles!  I managed to get Ellie into one BGE (utility) truck and that was about it.

012 (800x533)013 (800x533) (2)pictures taken before the “I’m up way too high” panic set in

She did consent to sit in the bucket part of a digger (sorry for the non-technical term there) with another one of our friends.

017 (800x533)

Yet another set of our friends (the ones we were officially there for a play date with) did get up into a semi truck and wow, was it big!!

023 (800x533)that’s my friend standing on the ground!

Ellie showed some surprisingly good taste in her choice of favorite vehicle though.  We’d better start saving our money for the car she’s going to ask for when she turns sixteen! 🙂

024 (800x533) 026 (800x533)Do you like it, Grandpa?

After all that, the most fun part of the morning was, of course, the playground.

021 (800x533) 022 (800x533)proof that Mark was there too – he spent the majority of the time riding in the Ergo

Next time, I am leaving the kids at home and going by myself because I wanted to sit in all those cool vehicles and pretend to drive them myself!

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