At 16 Months, Let’s Talk about 12 and 15 Months, Shall We? (and 16 months, while we’re at it)

Mark will be 16 months old in two days so I figured that this was an appropriate time to share his 12 and 9-months stats with you.  This seems to be becoming a habit with me.

At 12 months, Mark weighed 22 pounds, 4 ounces.  He was 31.5 inches tall.  We were convinced that he was going to walk at any time because he was cruising along couches and pushing himself up and standing in the middle of the floor. Despite that, he decided to take his own good sweet time and waited until 14 months to finally officially walk.

030 (800x533) (3)at exactly one year old

At 15 months, Mark weighed 22 pounds, 14 ounces.  He was 32.5 inches tall. As you can see, he decided that he was done with the whole “gain a lot of weight” baby thing and was onto the “burn a ton of calories by walking everywhere” big kid thing.  So although he eats a ton of solid food now, he’s a slim and trim little boy! 🙂  He’s around the 90th percentile for height but around the 25th percentile for weight.

004 (800x562)love that little belly!

Now, at just about 16 months, Mark continues to amaze us with his kind and adventuresome spirit.  He is saying, “hi”, “bye”, sometimes “mama” and “baba”, and always “eh” along with vigorous gesturing to tell us what he wants.  He loves (LOVES) to look outside for birds and bunnies and is even more thrilled if we let him go outside to play.  He now has eight teeth and we can feel several more just below the surface of his gums.  We would love for them to pop through and put all this drooling to an end!

025 (800x533)

He loves to hug his bunny or any other available stuffed animal, to wear his sister’s doll scarf, and generally speaking, keeps us laughing with his fun antics!

008 (800x534) 001 (800x533)

Before we know it, I’ll be posting about his 18th months stats (when he’s 3!).

We love you, Marko!

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2 Responses to At 16 Months, Let’s Talk about 12 and 15 Months, Shall We? (and 16 months, while we’re at it)

  1. Mom says:

    Again, I love this boy’s grin!

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