April Sewing: Ellie’s Dress and Mark’s and Nik’s Ties, for Easter

Nik’s mom, Tina, and I went on a lovely day trip to New York City almost exactly five years ago. After visiting a special exhibit of Greek art, she indulged my love of sewing with an afternoon of shopping, primarily in the garment district.  For someone who loves to sew, that place is amazing.  I had a hard time not buying everything in sight!  I did indulge in some lovely fabric, in two colors, blue and green.  Other than an ill-fated dress for Ellie’s first birthday (which I think I threw away), I hadn’t used it yet and thought that this Easter was the perfect opportunity!

011 (800x533) (2)See? They match!  This is also my picture to show you the hand-sewn lining and middle seam on the ties and the pink top-stitching on the dress – all details that my detail-loving self appreciates.

I was so proud of myself, thinking about sewing Ellie’s Easter dress in March.  I even started it in March, figuring I’d be done so early, for a stress-free Easter!  When did I sew on the last button?  Saturday night.  It’s a good thing I started early!  To my credit, I did get the dress basically finished almost two weeks before Easter.  Then it just took me awhile to remember to go buy the buttons and sew them on (along with making the buttonholes). Sharp eyes will notice that it’s exactly the same as the dress I made her last fall, except it’s a size bigger and I made it with the ruffle detail instead of the tiny buttons.  It’s the Family Reunion pattern from Oliver + S.

015 (800x533) 017 (800x533) 018 (800x533) 019 (800x533)green buttons and pink thread! 🙂

148 (800x533)This is the best picture that we got of her in the dress, due to an unfortunate puking accident just after we got home from church.  That’s also why the dress is so wrinkled in the other pictures – I washed it but haven’t gotten around to ironing it again.

I also had the fun of making matching ties for Mark and Nik.  I finished Nik’s tie at 10:00 Saturday night (stress-free Easter, right?).

361 (800x533)141 (800x533)Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?!?!

356 (533x800)360 (800x534)love that hair!

The tutorials for Nik’s tie and Mark’s tie are essentially the same.  Somehow, Nik’s tie came out narrower than Marks and Mark’s is only a few inches shorter than Nik’s.  So it wasn’t exactly “little boy” as advertised (although I suppose it depends on how you define “little boy.)  Nik went to heroic measures to tie Mark’s tie in such a way that it didn’t drag on the ground.  Thankfully, Nik knows how to tie a double-knotted tie!  Mark complained when we put it over his head but then seemed to forget about it so he actually wore it until we got to Yiayia’s house for Easter dinner! 🙂

P.S. If you do use those tutorials to make a tie, the interfacing for the little boys tie ends up being a few inches short so you may want to measure it out before cutting the interfacing.  I just ended up sewing in an extra section in the middle.  Also, the cutting directions are really wasteful.  There’s no need to use as much fabric or to cut the fabric squares as directed.  Just make sure to cut on the bias (diagonal to the selvedge).  I was able to cut two ties from less than a yard with lots left over(the patterns call for 3/4 yard per tie).


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