When Mama and Ellie Are Reading Books…

…Mark will play!

024 (533x800) 025 (533x800) 030 (800x533) (2)(Note to self: crackling noises should probably not be ignored.)

And, in other news, Mark is walking!  He has been for about six weeks but has recently developed a new level of confidence.  He’s so confident, in fact, that yesterday, while I was gathering our things to leave moms’ group at church, he decided to push open the door (which had been propped open) and walk/run down the ramp by himself.  YIKES!!  I think I’d better start wearing running shoes all the time to keep up with this boy. (Don’t worry I caught him before the end of the ramp. Praise the Lord the bigger kids [including Ellie] noticed him going outside.)

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