Love, Your Favorite Barnacle

Dear Mama,

I love you so, so much.  I love you so, so, so, so, so very, very, very much that I never want to leave your side.  And by “never want to leave your side,” I mean you are never allowed to leave my side.  If I feel like walking off (because I can now!), that’s OK but you’re not allowed to do anything on your own.  That’s why I’ve perfected my “twist and lunge” maneuver so that even if you try to distract me with the fishing puzzle and then try to sneak off to do something really fun like start a load of laundry in the basement (my favorite place I’m not allowed to go), I can catch you before you’ve even gotten two inches away.  I love you so much that even if you’re sitting on the floor next to me trying to do something silly like fold laundry, it’s not enough for me to be sitting by you.  Nope – I need to be standing on your leg, with my arms around your neck.  That’s the way I can best show you how much I love you!!

I also love you so much that I want to have lots of quality time with you around the clock.  That’s why I’ve perfected my “sit up and talk at 2:00 am” routine so you’ll have to get out of bed and rock me back to sleep.  Isn’t it super fun?!?!?!

[gross alert]  You do have to admit the “stick close by at all times” routine has come in handy today so that you can make sure to catch all my puking.  Let’s hope that stops soon though because I don’t like it and neither do you.

In short, I’m doing my best to make you understand that you are the most important person in the world to me and therefore you should never do anything else other than pay attention to me.  Am I succeeding?

Your Favorite Barnacle

P.S. Why do you call me, “my little barnacle,” now? I don’t know what that is!

P.P.S. Thanks for taking this selfie for me.  It’s a perfect example of how I like to hang onto your legs when you’re trying to do something crazy like make dinner in peace.  Don’t you love how cute I am?  You know you’re going to miss this closeness when I’m thirteen and don’t want to talk to you!

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4 Responses to Love, Your Favorite Barnacle

  1. Oh my word, I could have written this today….rather, Gabe could have written this, haha!! His eye teeth are coming in (after his two year molars :/) and he is SO clingy. So all I got done was unloading the top level of the dishwasher and ordered my dōTERRA sign for the business fair. Other then that, a whole lot of lego/dinosaur,truck playing filled the day 🙂

    • Laura says:

      Good work getting that much done! Sometimes we have to take what we can get. And maybe we shouldn’t let Gabe and Mark chat on Skype anymore -they seem to be sharing trade secrets!

  2. Eliz.K says:

    Love this!!! (Totally relate to the puking paragraph, a couple weeks ago. A first for my little guy, and definitely a wardrobe changer for me!)

    • Laura says:

      Thank you! And I’m come to decide with puking that it’s just easier for me to absorb the puke and change clothes than it is to get it on the carpet. So wardrobe changing/six million loads of laundry is how I generally cope with puking. I hope your little guy is completely better now!

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