Finish It Up Friday – Update #1

It’s definitely a good thing that I decided to publicize my intention to finish my WIP’s! 🙂  This week, I got a bit more work done on Mark’s quilt (although I still need two more blue prints so I’m at a bit of standstill).  More importantly, I fixed Mark’s rabbit, finished Ellie’s bird, fixed my tank top, and sewed up the hole in the thumb of our glove hot pad!  Hooray!  That’s four projects off the list!

I’m linking up with “Finish It Up Friday” at Crazy Mom Quilts.

The [Not-So-Shameful Anymore] List of WIPs (as of 1/10/14)

  1. fix the living room shades (annoyingly falling apart)
  2. fix the office shades (also falling apart)
  3. Ellie’s doll hair (it’s been over a year and Ellie’s not bald anymore so I really can’t justify her doll’s baldness anymore.)
  4. put the last button and buttonhole on Ellie’s dress (I think I figured out how to do it on my machine.)
  5. Mark’s birthday quilt (I just started this a week ago and I have a lot done already)
  6. dining room shades (they’re so close to being done and have just been sitting for close to 18 months)
  7. pillow for Ellie (not technically a WIP because I haven’t started it but it’s been on the “to sew” list for months)
  8. fix Nik’s T-shirt quilt (and finally blog the finished quilt, two years later)
  9. fix Mark’s pants (the crotch tore out)
  10. fix the bathroom curtain
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