It’s the Greek Way!

Lately, we’ve been teaching Ellie how to give kisses the Greek way – one on each cheek.  She thinks this is very fun and so does it enthusiastically, particularly when we’re kissing goodnight.  Last week, she started giving us two hugs at a time also.  She tells us, “It’s the Greek way!” Who are we to tell her that it’s not? She is Greek after all!

001 (800x533)her Greek outfit (blue and white, just like the flag)

If you ever greet someone you love with a kiss on each cheek, you might want to try adding in two hugs also!  According to Ellie, the correct form is to hug, let go, stand back, and then go back for hug #2.

If you ever come over to visit, she just might give you a Greek hug too! 🙂

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  1. Mom says:

    That I would love!

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