Assessment Time for Operation Quiet Time

Now that we’re several months into Operation Quiet Time, I figured it’s a good time for a formal assessment.

Currently, I give it a C+.

Generally speaking, we only manage about 45 minutes of quiet time.  If I’m lucky, those 45 minutes only contain a couple interruptions when Ellie needs me.

I do have get some quiet time to myself but not much.

On the positive side, now that Mark is napping more consistently, Ellie always has her quiet time during Mark’s afternoon nap.  Both children quiet at the same time is lovely.

We’re not anywhere close to the “quiet time is as long as nap time” goal (hence the C+) but we’re getting there.

And in the meantime, sometimes quiet time still turns into nap time!

006 (800x533)what happens when quiet time play involves cuddling under blankets!

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2 Responses to Assessment Time for Operation Quiet Time

  1. Indeeds says:

    That is exactly what Phoebe looks like right now. I asked her to sit in her room and read books. She read one book, then got under the covers and fell right to sleep. It’s gonna be a late night. haha

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