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Resting Is Hard Work

I first heard about the concept of a long rest period for a new mother in the article, “40 Days with Natalie“.  When I read it many years ago, Nik and I were just newly engaged and I certainly wasn’t … Continue reading

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Nursing is A Lot More Fun When You Actually Get Some Milk

Nursing with two has been an adventure already!  My goal has been to only nurse one child at a time and so far, we’ve succeeded.  A couple times, this has required some creative distraction but for the most part, our … Continue reading

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Who Do You Think Is Having More Fun?

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Oh Yeah! We’re Famous!

I just discovered that I made a list of “30 Blogs with Best Housekeeping Tips“. Evidently, they liked my cleaning schedule from a KIOS post awhile back. Now, I’m going to be rich and famous. HOORAY! 🙂

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And The Moral Of The Story Is…

Don’t believe everything the books (and midwives and everyone else in the whole world) say about the speed of second-baby labor. I’m still processing through Mark’s labor and delivery and I’m sure I’ll type out his complete birth story at … Continue reading

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Already Growing Up!

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He’s Here!

Welcome Mark Alton! Born on January 3, 2013 at 10:23 pm. He weighed 9 pounds, 4 ounces. We are so grateful to be his parents. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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December Sewing: Changing Pad and Diapers for Ellie’s Doll

OK fine, so I just can’t keep myself from sewing.  I did intend to stop sewing after I finished those flannel projects but when B2 hadn’t arrived and Christmas had come and gone, I got out my sewing machine again … Continue reading

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February through January Sewing: The Living Room Roman Shades

Finally, finally, finally, I finished the living room shades! (I had to do something to keep myself from going crazy while waiting for B2.)  We’ve actually had them up and have been using them since the beginning of November but … Continue reading

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She counts in Greek!

Ellie still counts, “One, two, eight, mine, ten” when counting without help in English.  She sometimes adds in eleven, twelve, and eighteen for fun.  When we’re counting with her, she’ll count the whole way to ten but really doesn’t ever … Continue reading

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