Impeccable Timing

Just in time for Christmas…

Ellie is cutting her two-year molars!

And so we not only are anticipating a new baby, but we have a grumpy, slobbery, hand-chewing, not sleeping toddler on our hands.

I knew those molars were going to come in someday and I did say at one point, “It would be nice to have all of Ellie’s teething over with before B2 comes,” but I didn’t really expect Ellie to take me at my word.

So, pray that this teething gets over with quickly!!

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2 Responses to Impeccable Timing

  1. Eliz.. K says:

    Oh my! My Little One is cutting several teeth this week… What a time! Hope it goes quickly and gently! (Do you have any natural soothing suggestions??)

    • Laura says:

      I wish I was better at good solutions for teething! We’ve tried the Hyland’s Teething Tablets/Gel and it’s hard to tell if it’s helped or not. Basically, what has worked for Ellie is lots of nursing. Not so fun for me (as in, more night nursing in the past) but it’s gotten us through. Now, she’s not nursing at night so that doesn’t help us either. At least there aren’t that many teeth left for her to get!

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