Handmade Christmas 2012: Ornaments for My Siblings

This year, I made a Christmas decoration or ornament for each of my siblings’ families.

For Eric and Meggan, Noah, Selah, Jonas, Ezra, and Violet, a green tree garland:

011 (800x284)

013 (800x522) 012 (800x533) trees in a tree!

For Jon and Leah, Kaitlyn, and Maria, a patchwork star with “Merry Christmas” in many languages, appropriate, I think, for their life right now.

016 (550x800)

017 (527x800)

For the pet-loving Chris, Katie, Addie, and Alex, a “Polaroid” ornament!

015 (542x800)

And for Rachel and Drew, Grace, Clara, and Gabe, a felt “ogee” ornament:

014 (533x800)

If you want to make it two-toned like I did, you have to sew two squares of felt together, mark the lines, and then sew on either side of each line before cutting, like this:

001 (800x533) (2)Sounds complicated but it’s really not!

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