All My Political Posts, Conveniently Collected in One Place, on Election Day

This has been a difficult political/election season for me, as I think it has been for many people.  I even woke up up tears early one morning a few weeks ago because it seems as if there is no civil discourse left in America.  I write blog posts in my head all the time about political issues.  I never actually write them down because the truth is that I’m too liberal for the conservatives and too conservative for the liberals.  I know that no matter how hard I try to craft perfect sentences, the nuance of what I’m trying to say will get lost.  I’m just not willing to engage in (and invite) the vitriol that’s all over the Internet.

I actually just wrote a list of much of what I’ve been thinking about (politically) over the past several months for this blog post.  Then I reconsidered and took it out.  I’m frankly not even willing to list even a hint of what I’m thinking about.  I saved the list though so if you want to see it, let me know and I’ll email it to you.  If you’d like to discuss politics with me in person or on the phone, bring it up.  I’ll probably cry because well, I cry easily anyway, I’m pregnant, and these things often make me sad more than anything else.  But if you can put up with the tears, I’d be glad to talk to you.

I think we’ll probably all be grateful when this is all over, regardless of who wins.

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4 Responses to All My Political Posts, Conveniently Collected in One Place, on Election Day

  1. Sepideh Miller says:

    This year, I reduced the number of political blogs I read to the one or two that are funny.

    This morning while going to vote, I was thinking about this video. I wanted someone to hug me and tell me it is okay and that the election would be over soon.

  2. Beth says:

    I would love to see that list. Your description as too conservative for liberals and vice versa sounds like a great description of me. Although I also tend to identify as fiscally way more conservative than the Republicans and socially way more liberal than the Democrats… I’m actually tempted to register as independent. At this point, I think there’s enough people opting out of the big-2 that adding my number to that group may actually be a useful statement to make, not sure though.

    • Laura says:

      I’ll email it to you. I definitely think there are probably many more people out there than we know who really aren’t in either big camp anymore.

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