Our First (and perhaps only) Attempt at Real Food Blogging

Recently, my friend Julie asked if we would join her in making a recipe with fair-trade ingredients so that she could participate as a guest blogger in her employer‘s fair-trade food promotion.  I’m always happy to hang out with Julie and to bake but was especially excited when I found out that this meant we got free fair-trade dark chocolate!

The official blog (which Julie wrote and Nik photographed) can be found here.  For the rest of this blog to make sense, you should go read that first.

What we discovered as we attempted to be the most awesome food bloggers ever is that it’s much harder than it looks!  For example, we thought it would be fun to prepare our ingredients mise en place and take a picture of them.  This is more trouble than it sounds like to actually get a good looking picture.  Here’s one of the rejects:

AHH!  Chocolate flecks all over the place!

The trouble just continues when a baby is involved, like this reject:Baby won’t hold still to take picture without showing full features (but yes, still cute)

Or this one:Baby insists on feeding Mama rather than demonstrating how much she herself loves 80% dark chocolate. (I am not complaining about eating dark chocolate though!)

In the end, though, Nik was an incredibly patient photographer, we ate some fabulously delicious cookies (visit the real food blog to get the recipe) and had a grand time doing it.  Plus Julie ever so kindly did all those dishes that mise en place generated and left us with a clean kitchen.  Then she took us out for a delicious dinner.  What more could you ask for in a Saturday? 🙂

I’ll leave you with a couple great pictures, which Nik took.  Don’t you want a cookie now?

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