KIOS: A Short Interlude

This post is part of my series, “Kickin’ It Old Skool: Why and How We Are Old-Fashioned” or KIOS for short.  If you’re new to the series, please read my disclaimer before continuing on.  I’m keeping a table of contents to this series here so you can see what I’ve already written about and what more there is to come.

(I’m actually just doing a bit stalling because I forgot to write this week’s post on dairy and eggs.  That will come next week instead.  So instead here’s a few bonus thoughts.)

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine left a comment on my KIOS post about vegetables.  In part she said,

I have learned a lot and am inspired to make some changes (small compared to your impressive diet overhaul) to how we eat!

Great!  I’m glad she’s inspired.  I also said this to her but wanted to emphasize this in its own post: we didn’t make all these changes at once!  It’s been a long and gradual process of slowly choosing another area of food and changing that.  It takes time to figure out how to replace certain foods, to change palates (particularly if they’re even slightly picky*) and to figure out how to make time and space for a different way of eating.

What’s I’ve been giving you in this Eating series is the culmination of four and a half years of research, trial and error, and experimentation.  Even now, we certainly haven’t “arrived” at food nirvana.  We still have areas to improve on, kinds of food that we eat that I know could be prepared more healthfully or responsibly, and food that we probably should just stop eating but haven’t (*cough* potato chips).

I can see how it would be a little (or perhaps paralyzingly) overwhelming to think of completely overhauling a diet at once.  I’m definitely not advocating for that.

Rather, if you’re thinking about perhaps starting to change the way you eat, you can start with just one or two things.  We started with, “no fresh tomatoes in the winter.”  That doesn’t sound too daunting, right?  🙂

Small changes are great!  Eventually, they start adding up to big change if you keep making them.  (And even if they don’t, they’re still worth making.)  We never anticipated that we would be eating this differently when we started on this journey back in 2008.


*I realize that this could be interpreted to mean that I am complaining about picky palates in my own household and I am most certainly NOT.  Rather, I’m thinking of other people I know (or whose blogs I read) who have many more challenges when it comes to changing their diets.

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