Gardening? Already?

I’m already starting to get ready for gardening.  The seeds have been ordered, received, and organized.

Actually, our garden is still growing from last fall.  We had such a crazy non-winter that the aurgula and swiss chard never died.  A and J (our jewelry party friends) visited us again today so we decided to take advantage of the spring-like weather to investigate what yard work needs to be done.

First, we tried to pick up big rocks for a flower bed.

“Too heavy!”

Then, we assessed the state of our arugula.  A actually liked it!

Then, garden assessment complete, we took a walk. At first, Ellie wanted someone to hold her hand.

Soon, however, she wanted to walk by herself.  I think my child has a bit of an independent streak! 🙂

That was by far the longest walk Ellie has ever taken.  She was definitely ready to take a nap after lunch!  I am definitely not ready for yard work but it’s coming none-the-less.  The absolutely pitiful winter has meant that the weeds are growing already.  I’m trying to hold out until April though. I have too much sewing to do before then!

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2 Responses to Gardening? Already?

  1. Indeeds says:

    And just think – it wasn’t but a couple weeks ago that Ellie was just starting to walk. Soon enough we will be saying good-bye to the strollers altogether 🙂

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