Progress, Not Perfection, Right? (February Sewing)

My Aunt Zona has given me a new motto.

 “Progress, not perfection.”

And  yes, I am making progress on the Roman shades for our living room and dining room.  I’ve discovered that I have enough fabric to make five shades, enough for all three windows in our living room, as well as in our dining room.  I’m going to use the right side of the fabric for the dining room and the wrong side for the living room.  I love both sides so this is a good way to get to see both of them!

Most of the work in making Roman shades is on the planning end.  The sewing is easy.  So my Excel spreadsheet is finished, my sketches are made, I’ve figured out my pleat distances, how many screw eyes and other supplies I need to buy, and all that.

Today, Ellie and I worked on marking out where I need to cut the fabric for each shade.

Those binder clips on the left are my cutting marks.  Most of what you can see is the wrong side.

I need every inch of fabric (literally, within two inches) so I have zero room for error.  Consequently paranoid of mistakes, I’ve measured both the windows and the fabric 5-6 times at this point.  Ellie got bored of all this measuring and occupied herself quite well.

After we’d rolled up the fabric , she had fun pushing it across the living room.

That’s the [blurry] right side.

And now, to summon up the courage to actually cut it! My goal is to get at least one shade cut out today.

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