A Jewelry Party with Friends

Two friends came over to spend the morning with us today so that their mommy could have a little time to herself and learn how to make more amazingly beautiful cakes.  (I think she’s pretty good at it already!)

While little J (who is almost 9 months) took a nap in the Ergo on my front,

Ellie and A ( who is 2 1/2) had a fun time trying on all my necklaces.

Note Ellie’s pouty lower lip because she wants the jewelry box!

Ellie was probably wondering why I never let her play with these amazingly fun things before!

It was a fun morning!

(And wow, is it easier to wear a nine-month old than a 16-month old.  I was hardly even tired after wearing him for an hour!)

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4 Responses to A Jewelry Party with Friends

  1. Rachel says:

    precious kids! and i love ellies lip, thats hilarious!!

  2. Sharla says:

    It’s amazing how convincing a 2 year old can be. Better watch out or Ellie’s going to learn a thing or two 🙂

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