Fancy, Fancy

Our dear friends from church, Elizabeth and her mother Paulette, gave us this beautiful, fancy dress not too long ago.  Ellie wore it for the first time on Sunday and I have to say, I was a bit conflicted.  Wow!  She looks so beautiful!  No, she looks too grown-up!

Proof that she’s still a baby -I tied one nice bow, it fell out and after that, she wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to tie another proper one.

Ellie got lots of compliments on her beautiful dress and I think she had fun wearing it.  It’s quite puffy and it took her a bit to get used to that!

Thank you Elizabeth and Miss Paulette for Ellie’s beautiful dresses!  We’ll wear the other one next week!

(And yes, my siblings, I realize that you have often accused me of over-using the word “fancy” in situations where it’s not quite applicable.  But I think “fancy” is the perfectly appropriate word for this dress!)

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2 Responses to Fancy, Fancy

  1. Bets says:

    That last photo in your post is, I think, the image that best captures Ellie looking like both you and Nik. Most of the time, I feel that she very strongly resembles Nik. Her smile/lower half of her face, though, are undeniably yours in this photo – what a beautiful (and happy!) little lady!

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