Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are grateful for oh so many things; but in the spirit of the most important thing on Thanksgiving Day, we want to give thanks to the many people who have made our Thanksgiving meal possible.

Thank you to:

Ivan, the miller who ground our flour;

Henry, the farmer who raised our turkey, the chickens who laid our eggs, and the cows who provided our milk;

Earl, who raised our brussels sprouts and thyme;

Ed, who raised our pumpkin (for the pie which we actually already ate with Nik’s family on Saturday and Tuesday night);

the farmer at Black Rock Orchard who grew our apples;

the farmer at South Mountain Creamery, who raised the cows who provided our cream;

and to the many other farmers who, although they may run gigantic commercials farms and are therefore anonymous (for our cranberries for example), still deserve our thanks and appreciation.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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