Continuing the squirrel theme…(and a baby pie!)

In honor of Ellie’s obsession with squirrels, I decorated our Thanksgiving apple pie with a squirrel.

The poor little guy shrunk a little during the baking process.  That’s his head on the left and the tail on the right.

And wowee, was that pie good!  I used the Smitten Kitchen pie recipe, which she adapted from Cooks’ Illustrated.  I took her advice and eliminated the lemon and doubled all the spices (actually I quadrupled the nutmeg and used fresh-grated).  I also used a variety of different apples, rather than just Granny Smith and Macintosh as the directions called for.

It was probably the best apple pie I’ve ever eaten. It’s gone but thankfully, we still have a baby one in the fridge!

That’s a half-pint jar (the short fat kind, not the taller, skinny kind).  I used my leftover pie crust and filling and made us this absolutely adorable pie for later.  It’s waiting in the freezer but I don’t think it will be there that long!

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2 Responses to Continuing the squirrel theme…(and a baby pie!)

  1. Mom says:

    I’m glad you explained that the animal on the pie was a squirrel. I thought it was a baby turkey – with the head on the right! The pie sounds scrumptious! I think apple pie has to be my favorite. I’ll have to try this recipe.

  2. Rachel says:

    haha, thats what I thought too mom!!! I love that pie Laura, SUPER cute!!!

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