Standing! (Almost)

Ellie is slowly but surely teaching herself how to stand.  I am constantly amazed by what she is doing, all on her own, to develop and grow up.  I stopped reading child development books when Ellie was around two months old.  I couldn’t stop second-guessing myself and Ellie, worrying that Ellie wasn’t exactly where she should be.  So I decided that I would just be Ellie’s mama and not worry about what milestones she was achieving and when.  Many, many generations of children have been raised without those parenting books.  I figure, Ellie can be part of that crowd too.

So I am pleasant surprised as each milestone comes.  And I am a much happier mama.

She’s not doing much yet with pulling herself up on objects but she loves to push herself up when we’re sitting on the floor with her.  Tonight, she was trying to stand and turn the pages of the book at the same time.

What a girl.  She brings joy to our lives every day.

I love that determined look on her face!

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