May sewing – Steph’s baby quilt

Or, “Anatomy of a Modern Quilting Bee”

1. I realize that I have Steph’s key fabric that she chose for their nursery.  (I also used the same fabric in a tea towel for a wedding present for Dan and Betsy – it’s the fabric with a bit of pink in it!)

2. I suggest to the other Sewing Club members that we make Steph a quilt.  I propose an entirely too complicated quilt (but reduced to baby size), which would have taken us forever and been really hard to coordinate between four people.  (I still have dreams of making that quilt sometime!)

3. Anne, thankfully,  suggests a much simpler and better pattern – this pattern from Oh, Fransson.

4. Ben stealthily gives fabric samples of Steph’s other fabrics to Anne.

5. Anne and Heather choose the fabric for the quilt.

6. Anne washes, drys, irons, and cuts the fabric (all while being VERY pregnant).  (I cut a few squares but Anne does the vast majority of the work.)

7.  Anne and Betsy layout the squares in a pleasing pattern.  (I am very grateful that I don’t have this job.)

8.  Anne and Betsy sew the patchwork strips and hand them off to me.

9.  I sew the patchwork strips to the sashing to make the quilt top, then make the quilt sandwich and quilt it.  Ellie, as usual, helps.

10. While helping me pin the quilt, Ellie decides that she’d rather play with the safety pins rather than help me.  Dangerous? Probably.  Does this allow me to get the job done? Yes.

11.  I pass off the quilt to Heather, by way of Anne’s house and meet Anne’s new baby too!

12.  Heather chooses the binding fabric, makes the binding, and sews it on to the front of the quilt.

13. She hands it off to Betsy.  Betsy finishes the quilt by hand sewing the binding to the back of the quilt.

14. We have a fun baby shower for Steph.  Steph opens the present and is very surprised and excited!

15. We are all proud of the great job we did together on this quilt.

16.  Heather, Betsy, and I are exceedingly grateful not to have to juggle e-mails for two secret quilts at the same time any more.  Anne knows about her quilt. Steph knows about her quilt.  One little girl is here.  One little girl will be here soon.  We are so happy for everyone!


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