Eliana’s Baptism

Eliana was baptized on Mother’s Day.  The same pastor who officiated at our wedding also did the baptism, which felt satisfying complete to me.

I was more affected than I thought I would by the sight of the members of our church standing and promising to help us raise Eliana to love and serve the Lord.  I’ve done the same thing many times my self but it certainly felt different to stand up in front and see many people promising to love Ellie and to help us.  I was a bit teary about it for most of the day actually!

After the baptism, we had a small lunch for our family and a few friends.  We also did a photo shoot with Ellie and her little cousin Luke!  (Also notice Ellie’s cross, a gift from her yiayia.)

At one point, Ellie held Luke’s hand!

Tina and I even managed to unwittingly coordinate our outfits!

We hope and pray that Ellie will grow up to love and serve the Lord!

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1 Response to Eliana’s Baptism

  1. meggan says:

    i can not wait to see her again!! and her wonderful parents too 🙂

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