Ellie’s destiny

As some but probably not all of Salmon and Souvlaki’s readers may know, my husband LOVES tennis.  He coaches tennis at the high school where he works as well as plays it, watches it, and talks about it.  Sadly, I’ve played tennis only twice in my life and managed to just about fail badminton in 8th grade.  I’m miserable at racquet sports.  This is not very convenient when Nik needs a partner for a pick-up game of tennis and none of his tennis-playing friends are available.  So we’ve decided to teach Ellie how to play tennis and eventually she and Nik will be able to play!

We started yesterday.  Her Yiayia got her a tennis uniform and we went to Nik’s school to watch a match.

She stood on the bleachers,

held a racquet,

and even palmed a tennis ball!

We can already tell that she’s going to be a pro!

(Five of my former students play on Nik’s team so it was fun to see them too!)

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