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Happy 6th Birthday!

We love you very much Jonas! (At the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, July 2010)

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I promise that I didn’t point a gun at her…

and force her to give me all her money.

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I have to admit that it’s a lot more fun to fold laundry when you have a cute, smiley baby to keep you company. Almost makes me not really mind doing laundry. Even if it’s that baby’s fault that I … Continue reading

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Look Mom! I have cheeks!

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Good morning!

Ellie is definitely a morning person!

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“I like those cheeks!”

On Wednesday , I went to the elementary school where I taught last year.  I wanted all my co-workers to meet Ellie.  So I went at the beginning of the lunch hour so that I could see everyone as they … Continue reading

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Four years ago today, Nik surprised me with a ring and a question. I’m so glad he did! Part of the evening was getting and decorating a Christmas tree for Nik’s (now our) house.  The tree branches didn’t cooperate though … Continue reading

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Double trouble

14 pounds, 2 ounces Birth weight, doubled, in two months. That’s all I have to say (or I would say more except that she’s asking to nurse.  See above.)

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Scintillating action

Here’s Ellie at around a week old (Auntie Meggan is video-taping): And here’s Ellie from this week, at two months old. Only dedicated family members probably watched until the end of these!  We promise more exciting action flicks once there … Continue reading

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Sorry Brody, you’ve been replaced.

This set of pictures used to live on the wall in our office. Featured prominently in the center of the collage (which is from Nik’s 2003 cross-country Bus Trip), is Brody with Bob Barker. That’s right, Brody was on The … Continue reading

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