Sorry Brody, you’ve been replaced.

This set of pictures used to live on the wall in our office.

Featured prominently in the center of the collage (which is from Nik’s 2003 cross-country Bus Trip), is Brody with Bob Barker.

That’s right, Brody was on The Price is Right.  And here’s the video to prove it (make sure to watch for Nik, Drew, Dan, and Ryan going crazy in the 2nd row.)

But, there’s someone new in town (that person being Ellie) and I asked Nik if the Bus Trip could be dethroned for something more baby-like – and frankly something that made me happy when I looked at it every day.  This fit the bill perfectly.

My fellow Sewing Club friends Anne and Heather (who happens to be married to Ryan, of the video above) made this incredible appliqued quilt for Ellie.  They even “canceled” sewing club one night this summer and then reinstated it, without me, so they could finish it!  Sneaky!  As I told them, this was clearly made by teachers for teachers.  They brought in our love of vegetables and gardening, combined it with math, and did it beautifully.

I especially love “5” because of the 5 peas in each pod and because I love sugar snap peas, fresh off the vine in the spring.

Thank you Heather and Anne for making us such an amazing gift that brings me pleasure every day when I look at it!  (And Brody, don’t worry, we still love you even if you’re not on our wall anymore. But if you’re upset about this, don’t blame us.  Blame her.)

P.S. That tent Brody won?  It’s in our garage.

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4 Responses to Sorry Brody, you’ve been replaced.

  1. karynme says:

    That quilt is CUTE! I love it! Such a creative idea.

  2. Tara says:

    Wow!!! That is beautiful!! You could sell those!! LOVE IT!! We have some baby showers comming up-would you be interrested in some commitioned work? Hugs!

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