“I like those cheeks!”

On Wednesday , I went to the elementary school where I taught last year.  I wanted all my co-workers to meet Ellie.  So I went at the beginning of the lunch hour so that I could see everyone as they cycled through for their lunch break.  It was so great to see everyone again and of course, Ellie charmed them all! 🙂

As I was leaving, I was standing in the hallway talking to my friend Tara, the chorus/music teacher at the school.  She also went to Houghton and we overlapped there by about a year or two.  So imagine our surprise last year, when I ended up at her school, about 13 years after we went to college together!

Here are the two of us at the year-end party in June:

She was standing in the hallway waiting for her next class, of first graders.  Before they came, a 3rd grade class came by, including two of my students from last year!  They were so excited to be the first to meet Ellie! (I’m planning on going back next week so they can all meet her.) As the first grade class arrived, they were very excited to see a baby in the hallway.  So Tara told them that if they were very quiet, they could each look at the baby as they went into the classroom.  Their little faces were so precious as they looked at Ellie, who was sleeping in her little warm bear outfit (from “Auntie” Julie) and looking mighty adorable, if I do say so myself.  There were lots of exclamations of “so cute!” and then one little boy said, “I like those cheeks!”

So do I, so do I!

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