Truths I am holding onto

as I think about and prepare for labor:

1. The Lord designed my body (and every woman’s body) to give birth.  I am not sick.  My body is capable of safely delivering our baby.

2. The Lord also designed our baby to work with me, as my partner, to come into this world.  I know he or she will be moving his/her head and kicking his/her legs against my uterus, helping me bring him/her into this world.  I love this – I am not alone!

3.  The Lord also has given me Nik, as my husband and partner, to be with me in labor.  I am so grateful for him.

4. Many people are praying for me and for us.  There is strong power in the prayer of God’s righteous people.

5.   Our baby may not be born in the most ideal way or in the way that I have dreamed and prayed he or she will be born.  But the Lord is sovereign and His plan is right for us.   (As in, if Mom doesn’t get here before the baby does or we need some sort of medical intervention that we don’t want or something else like that, I’m trying to hold all these things lightly, knowing that God is in control.)

6.  At the end, we’ll finally get to hold our baby!  And to find out if he or she is a he or a she!

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3 Responses to Truths I am holding onto

  1. karynme says:

    I think it’s great you have these truths written out. I wish I had been wise enough to think through some of these things prior to my labor with Jamey. We’re praying all goes well, and we cannot wait to see pictures and “meet” your little one! 🙂
    Love, Karyn

  2. meggan says:

    this gave me such goosebumps Laura! 🙂 we love you so much! our prayers are with you, now and when it’s time.

  3. and you held onto them well…YAY for baby ellie (elly) (elli) !! 😉

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