Fun with Books

Yesterday afternoon, Nik and I headed downtown for the Baltimore Book Festival.  I’ve gone a few times (such as last year, to see Lois Lowry) but this was Nik’s first trip.  For a book lover like me, this is the equivalent of going to a Justin Beiber concert or a Ravens game – in other words, I get to see all my favorite stars!

This year, we saw Pioneer Woman (actually, we were late for this one so Nik kindly dropped me off so I could hear her for the last 10 minutes while he circled, looking for parking):

Judith Viorst (“Maybe life was better when I used to be a wetter.”)

and Michele Norris.  She’s one of the hosts of All Things Considered on NPR and also just published a book, The Grace of Silence.  Her talk was phenomenal and I’m planning on reading her book.  I also got to put faces to her and to the morning host of our local NPR show.  Cool!

We also had the fun of running into Alex and Natalia.  Natalia was my elementary school mentor teacher during my student teaching.  It was fabulous to see her and discover that now they have not one, but two adorable little girls!  (And yes, I’m getting bigger – that’s me at 38.5 weeks.)

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3 Responses to Fun with Books

  1. meggan says:

    are you and judith v. wearing the same pants? i only noticed because you didn’t have pants last time i saw you. i would have liked to hear Ree, but I’ve gone off her blog. It’s just too much. sigh. i know it would be mean to wish you such a long pregnancy, but i would love to see you pregnant. 🙂
    the book festival sounds so fun.

  2. Laura says:

    I must admit – I was proud of the fact that I actually didn’t know that Ree was coming to the festival until I saw it on the festival schedule (meaning I too have weaned myself off her blog!) I went more for the curiosity factor than anything. And yes – Judith and I do look like we are wearing the same pants! I had to go out and buy a pair of maternity jeans because it’s actually getting a little cool around here, although I think I’ll probably wear them more after the baby comes, rather than before. I can’t wait to see you!

  3. jonandleah says:

    YEAH, A book festival! sounds like a great time. I have to say i love books as well. Come soon Baby B! -Jon

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