Our New Addiction (too bad spring is over)

A week ago Saturday, this recipe for Shaved Asparagus pizza fortuitously found its way to my Google Reader.  We made it right away that night and made it again during the week.  And we’re making it again this week.  It’s that addictive.  (We basically followed the  recipe exactly except that we made slightly smaller pizzas.)

**For Baltimore people, we buy our fresh mozzarella at Mastellone’s on Harford Road.  Delicious and totally reasonable prices compared to other Italian delis in the city.  They make the mozzarella fresh there daily.  We’re lucky enough to be able to walk there!

Sadly, asparagus season is basically over.  So now we’ll have to wait until next spring to eat it again!  I wait [impatiently] every spring for Farmer Ed to bring me asparagus at the farmer’s market.  We only eat it when he has it and he said last Saturday was the last day.  (Oh the joys and sorrows of seasonal eating.)  At least our food budget will calm down a little now!

And, if you don’t have a good pizza dough recipe or don’t have a local pizza shop to buy some from, here’s the one that we love, slightly adapted frm the grilled bread recipe in Simply in Season.  It’s not perfect but does make delicious bread and is all whole wheat.  One of these days, I’ll find the perfect all whole wheat pizza dough recipe and share it with you.

1 1/4 C warm water

1 tsp active dry yeast

Combine in a mixing bowl and stir until yeast is dissolved.

3 C whole wheat flour

2 T olive oil

1 tsp salt

Add and mix in the bowl until barely combined.  Then dump out onto a well floured surface and knead for about 10 minutes or until smooth, adding flour as needed so that it isn’t sticky (but still quite soft).

Let rise for about 1 hour or more until doubled.  Use as directed.  We also like this just as grilled bread.  The cooked bread doesn’t do well as leftovers the next day but the dough stays good in the fridge for days and even rolls out fairly easily when cold.  A useful recipe to have in the repertoire!

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5 Responses to Our New Addiction (too bad spring is over)

  1. Priscilla says:

    Never had grilled bread. Is it kinda like fry bread, where you cook it without letting it rise first?

  2. Laura says:

    Mom – we let the dough rise the first time, and then stretch it out thin. (I usually use a rolling pin.) Then we brush it with olive oil, grill it on one side until browned and then do the other. It cooks really quickly because it’s so thin. And yes, I guess we skip the second rise but not the first. We eat it a lot so we’ll make it when you’re here with us!

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