Lessons learned this spring

1.  Arugula grows really fast, and before you know it, it has gone to seed.

2.  Garlic scapes apparently don’t always get long.

I was waiting for them to get long and a lot of them just didn’t. Then the garlic plants started falling over trying to plant the seeds at the end of the scape.  I had to peel apart some of the tops of the plants to get below the seeds to cut the scape.  Weird.  The plants whose scapes I cut in time are still standing but all the others that laid down look sort of sad.  I’m hoping the heads are still fattening up though.

3.  Sugar snap peas get really tall.

I built a rather large bamboo tower for them to grow up and they have outgrown it.  The pea production basically peaked a couple days ago so I think in the end, the tower was just about the right height.

This is from almost two weeks ago.  Garlic in the front, peas in the back.

The pea harvest on Saturday.

You can eat the whole thing, but we shelled a couple just for fun.

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