Eating Blue Things – Highly Recommended

I just ate a shake made from yogurt, lots of frozen blueberries from Trader Joe’s, a little bit of raw honey, and a little bit of vanilla.  YUMMY.Now I understand why Aunt Zona picks between 130-217 pounds of blueberries a summer.

(picture thanks to Zona – it’s what we aspire to.)

Nik and I are definitely planning a trip to a blueberry farm this summer.  I’m not sure why we didn’t do it last summer!

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5 Responses to Eating Blue Things – Highly Recommended

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    Are you still thinking about planting a few bushes in your yard?  I finally bought my first two bushes last fall.  They are potted up awaiting permanent homes so I can pick at home instead of picking ridiculous amounts at my favorite u-pick place!

  2. lauraejudge says:

    @Aunt Zona – We are definitely still planning on putting in blueberry bushes but they very likely won’t be going in until this fall or spring 2011.  So at least for this summer, we’ll be picking them! 🙂  That’s awesome that you have some bushes!  Do you think you’ll be able to grow 217 pounds of berries?!

  3. Aunt Zona says:

    NOOO!  I have no such aspirations!  Last year’s harvest was considerably less that that absurd number.  And it seems the boys’ consumption of the berries has slacked off some too.  Right now we all seem to have developed a taste for strawberries in our shakes – good thing we put up several gallon bags of frozen strawberries last year too!

  4. lauraejudge says:

    @Aunt Zona – Yes – we want to do that this year too!  Strawberries are Nik’s favorite! 🙂

  5. jjandlj says:

    Yumm……so delicious…one of my favorite fruit ever!

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