A great day so far!

1.  Slept in (until 8:30, which is super late for me).
2. Made pumpkin muffins (from the Simply in Season Nutty Pumpkin Bread recipe – I always double the spices).  I used Alaska cranberries that Meggan, in her overwhelming generosity sent to us.  My mouth feels at home when I eat them!
3. Are in the middle of a huge snowstorm/blizzard.  It started last night around 10:45, by this morning we already had around 4 inches, and the forecast is calling for up to 2 feet.  Here’s hoping for a snow day on Monday!

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1 Response to A great day so far!

  1. jjandlj says:

    That does sound like a great day!  Yum, pumpkin muffins.  How did the snowstorm end up?!

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