There’s something wrong with this

I had some blood work done last month.  I just recently got my explanation of benefits from my insurance company.  This statement always shows what was billed and then how much the insurance company actually pays.  The second number is always lower but this time it was particularly ridiculous.

The lab company charged my insurance a total of $611.46 for nine (9) different tests.

My insurance company paid them $81.12.

That’s a difference of $530.34 or a payment of 13% of the total.

For example, on one test, the lab charged $120.42 and my insurance paid $11.89.

That’s INSANE.  What if I didn’t have insurance?  Would they have expected me to pay $611 for those tests?  Would they have charged me less?

Wow, wow, and wow.  I’m ever so grateful for my health insurance and also astounded that this kind of stuff probably goes on every day.

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  1. jjandlj says:

    And I am thankful for the NHS right now.  Although there are times I miss US healthcare, I’m still so thankful to have had a beautiful baby here, been to the doctor at least 4-5 times in the last month, and even getting the 5 prescriptions we needed this month for free too (thanks to the maternity exemption both Kaitlyn and I get our prescriptions for free until May).  And no medical bills.  God is good. 

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