The Last Asparagus

Tonight, we have some friends from church coming over for dinner and I’m making leek, asparagus, and garlic scape quiche.  I’m discovering that quiche is a good (and delicious!) way to use up whatever vegetables might be hanging out in the fridge.  The Simply In Season cookbook suggested using grated potatoes, lightly oiled (3 C of potatoes and 3 T oil for a pie pan) and slightly prebaked as a crust and we really like that crust.

The asparagus in the quiche is our last asparagus for the year.  We first bought it for our Easter brunch and so have been eating it pretty heavily for the last 2 months.  Asparagus is delicious, I love it, and frankly, I’m tired of it.  I’m glad there’s no more.  That’s the beauty of seasonal eating – you’re so glad to see something come and you’re glad to see it leave too!  I buy asparagus from the same man every year.  I think his name is Ed but I call him “my asparagus farmer”.  He calls me “my Alaska girl”.  He went to AK on a cruise a long time ago and delights to tell me everything he knows about Alaska!  Anyway, our rule is that we buy asparagus from him and when he doesn’t have it anymore, we’re done.  Last week, his sign said, “Last week for asparagus.”  And so we’re done.

Hey!  Tomatoes and cucumbers!  We’re ready for you!!

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