Week 3 and a half: Random pictures before leaving for Athens

Today, I continue the story of our Summer 2008 trip to Greece.  To see all of our pictures, click here.  For most of the pictures, Nik has mapped them so you can see exactly where in Greece they were taken.  If you missed them, here’s the post with the whole list!

Part 10 (of 12) – This is a short post!

Here are just a few random pictures from the morning and beginning of our drive back from Kallikratia to Athens.  We left very early Monday morning to drive back because we were making a huge detour to see another incredible place – you’ll see pictures of that soon.

So here are the neighborhood dogs waiting to see us off.  Their faces definitely became familiar to us in our ten days there!

We passed by Mt. Olympus as we were driving to and from Kallikratia but didn’t have time to stop.  We figured that we needed to save something for our next trip to Greece.

Here are Nik’s words to describe this picture:
“Apparently in Greece, if you see a stop sign and a green light at the same intersection, you don’t have to stop.  Of course if the light is red, you do have to stop.  Then what in the world is the stop sign for?”

And soon we were in Meteora!

To be continued…


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2 Responses to Week 3 and a half: Random pictures before leaving for Athens

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    i love this Laura. 🙂 Makes me excited to go there someday. Did you and Nik do anything special for your anniversary? 🙂 I refuse to admit it really happened, cause we haven’t celebrated ours yet- so in my denial it’s impossible that any of the Judge siblings have yet…

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