My first sewing project of the summer

I made this on Monday.  I was using a book that Tina lent me called, “Quilt in a Minute” (or something like that) – it has lots of fun, beginner quilting projects.  I had also bought a fat quarter pack of fabric with some beautiful fabric that I was glad to use.  This was supposed to take an hour – it took me more like 2 1/2 hours but if I hadn’t fiddled around with the fabric placement for forever, it would have been much faster!  I also made a lot of newbie quilter mistakes but I amazingly learned a lot with just this little kitchen towel project.  I think I should probably try more of these small projects before I attempt the king-sized quilt for our bed!

At some point in the fiddling:

In the sewing process:

The final, fun, finished product – isn’t the rickrack cute?!?!  (And my first quasi-quilting project ever!)

The summer of sewing, here we come!

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3 Responses to My first sewing project of the summer

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    Laura Elisabeth, that is adorable and beautiful at the same time!  Is that an edging for a blanket?  I love what you did.  It looks beautifully done, especially for your first project!

  2. lauraejudge says:

    @Aunt Zona – Thanks Zona!  It’s a kitchen towel! 🙂  The towel is from Williams and Sonoma – it’s hard to find nice, plain white kitchen towels! 

  3. judgie86 says:

    thats awesome!! I can’t wait to have a sewing machine one day..i have SO much to learn!!

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