Job update

The short version?
It’s all a big mess.

The long version?
I’ve been assigned to an elementary school that is 2.5 miles from our house.  Ideal, right?  But the two principals are debating how best to arrange my schedule, and basically coming up with one that is not workable for me.  Technically it’s workable, but not what Nik and I are willing to have me do.

So please pray.  Right now, ideally, I would either get to work every other day at each school as originally planned or I would be released from the middle school to just work elementary, maybe at two schools, maybe part-time.

You know how I like to be in control and have everything just right?  Well, I’m not right now, nothing seems right, and it’s not fun.  And so I’m learning that really, in the end, God’s in control.  Not me.

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1 Response to Job update

  1. judgie86 says:

    Sometimes I think God brings up something every day in my life that reminds me of that. . .awesome reminder though. Love you sis~

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