Our year at the Cromwell Valley CSA, in picturesFrom the first pickup, which included garlic scapes, a vegetable I’d never heard of (May 31st):

To a lot of peas, which we helped pick (June 15th)

To “the beans, oh the beans!” (which eventually turned into 16 quarts of frozen green beans over the course of the summer) (August 9th) – we picked so many pounds of green beans, we ended up having bean picking Olympic games to keep ourselves occupied.

To more vegetables than we knew what to do with (August 23rd)

To watermelons and raspberries (September 13th):

To a really big pumpkin (October 11th):

To a lot of lettuce and kale (November 1st):

And even to broccoli and lettuce in December (Dec. 1st)

It was an amazing year.  And we’ll be eating the fruits of it all winter long.  Here is where all the pictures are  – we missed 6 weeks in the middle when we were on vacation and a little forgetful, but other than that, it’s a complete pictorial history of our CSA season.  It’s really fun to see how the vegetables changed as the seasons did. We’re looking forward to next year!

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