(For the uninitiated, that’s “Hi and Goodbye”.  Name that movie!)Nik has transformed our cooking experience.  He wanted us to have better pans and also to eliminate our old, scratched, non-stick pans that were probably poisoning us.  We’ve been meaning to do this since we got married but just haven’t.  So on the strength of some Cook’s Illustrated recommendations, Nik braved the stores last week and we have some introductions to make.

But first, please join us in saying good bye:
And now, please say hello!

We also have two (well almost two, one’s on its way) cast iron 8″ skillets.  We are very much enjoying using our new pans, especially the cast iron.  We even took them over to Tina’s house for Christmas morning.  We were in charge of breakfast.  The menu included homemade cinnamon rolls (my first attempt and a mighty successful one at that!) and gourmet scrambled eggs – the toppings were one-half Tillamook sharp cheddar with sauteed shiitake mushrooms and one-half smoked salmon with cream cheese and sauteed shallots.  It was certainly a scrumptious breakfast and our new pans were put to good use!

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  1. Aunt Zona says:

    First of all, it’s Sleepless in Seattle, and I could see the little darling spoiled brat friend as she said it!Secondly, congrats on the new pans!  Excellent choices!  Cast iron are always my pan of choice, and I have found antique stores to be the very best source for thoroughly seasoned pans.  I asked for and received a huge Lodge skillet last year, but although it claims to be pre-seasoned, it doesn’t have anywhere near the same patina as my antiques.  As a matter of fact, I have just been thinking in my little head of snooping around a bit in some local antique stores to see if I can beef up my supply.  Todd would say we have plenty!  And we do have at least 4 10″ skillets and a couple of roasters – okay, we have enough!Your breakfast sounds wonderful, very posh-posh (name that movie!) and gourmet!

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