Delicata Squash Seeds

Last Saturday, I blogged about the Delicata squash seeds that I had just roasted.  They were SO good and tiny and cute too.  So here’s a picture to prove how small they are.  They’re in a miniature bread pan plus you can see a bit of my finger for reference.

My theory about squash seeds is that as the squash gets smaller, the seeds get tastier.  And I think it’s true too – the next time you get a butternut squash, try roasting those seeds.  Roasted pumpkins seeds are good but butternut squash are much better.  And these Delicatas were probably the best seeds I’ve roasted so far.  I want more!

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1 Response to Delicata Squash Seeds

  1. karyn says:

    I have always wondered if other squash seeds could be roasted.  I’m so going to do it next time we have any kind of squash!Glad your Christmas was merry…Love, Karyn

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