Oatmeal cookies update and more wedding pictures

They tasted REALLY good but were definitely more crumbly than usual.  They weren’t too heavy at all.  I used real cranberries that I still had in the freezer from last Thanksgiving’s cranbrosia.

I think next time I’ll try the suggested applesauce.  Thanks for the tips Steph!  I also need to find whole wheat pastry flour to use in general so thanks for that reminder Meggan!

Drew and Kelly’s wedding was last weekend.  We had a really fun time and they were a beautiful couple.  (Drew was the DJ at our wedding.)  The reception was at the historic Belvedere Hotel downtown, on the 12th floor.  It was a really beautiful space.

Their colors were black and white, hence this cool cake!

It’s still hard to top our amazing cake though!  (Thanks Mom!)  We were talking about it at the wedding – Dan Gerding brought it up.  I need to make it for us.


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1 Response to Oatmeal cookies update and more wedding pictures

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    Beautiful hotel!  Cool cake – was it from Charm City Cakes?

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