Lots of digging ahead

Today, Nik and I went to Poor Boys, our local garden store to buy a tree.  We’d already planned on getting a Red Sunset Maple, which is a native tree in Maryland (and much of the East Coast for that matter).  It’s for the front of our house, to eventually fill in the space left by a dogwood that died and hopefully give us some shade in the summer.

We came home, having bought that tree but also an Eastern Redbud, a hydrangea, a holly, two kinds of native grasses, and four perennial flowers – Black Eyed Susan, some kind of phlox, and a couple other I don’t even remember !  Yikes!!    It was the Herring Run Day, which we knew about and why we went today.  The Herring Run is the watershed that we live in and Poor Boys has a whole program for being greener and helping the watershed.  They work with the Herring Run Watershed Association.  What we didn’t know was that it was “Buy One, Get One Free” for all Herring Run approved plants.  So how could we pass that up?  Especially for another free tree!  That’s why we ended up with two expensive trees, not just one, two shrubs, two grasses, and four flowers.  So we got about $400 worth of plants for about $200.  Hip Hip Hooray!  I’ll put more pictures once I’ve taken them.

The only problem is that now we have to dig TWO holes for two trees, not just one!

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