Poetry Thursday

It’s a good thing Mom and Aunt Zona are such faithful Poetry Thursday participants because otherwise, I would never remember to post a poem.  (And it was my idea to begin with!)  Here’s a poem written by my former student Sarai B., a 6th grader at the time.  She was using a poem form that I gave to the class – I gave them the verbs (I am, I heard, I see, etc.) and they had to fill in the second half of each phrase.  I asked them to choose a character from one of the poems we had read.  She decided to be Hanna’s friend from the poem, “When Hanna Moved Away” (which you should read first if you haven’t done so already.)

I am Hanna’s Friend
by Sarai B.

I am a sad and pretty girl.
I heard her saying goodbye.
I see her leave.
I want to see her again.
I am Hanna’s friend.

I pretend not to feel sad.
I feel like crying.
I worry that she will not come back.
I cry because I miss Hanna.
I am Hanna’s friend.

I understand that she might not move back.
I say that I miss her.
I try to forget but I can’t.
I hope that she comes back.
I am Hanna’s friend.

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1 Response to Poetry Thursday

  1. nanacilla says:

    That’s beautiful, Laura.  It took me back to Jacque Schaafsma when she moved from Soldotna to Sequim.

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