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The initial verdict

It’s good! Not like normal pumpkin pie (the pumpkin is in big chunks) but still tastes good.  Nik is reserving final judgment for when it cools down!

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Local or organic?

Nik found this interesting article the other day.  Which is better?  Local vs. organic?  Is local the new organic?  It’s worth the longish read – definitely food for thought. 

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Pumpkin pie in a pumpkin?

I read a random snippet about how pumpkin pie first started because the Pilgrims poured milk, sugar, and spices into a pumpkin and roasted the whole thing over the fire.  The next time I was at the farmers’ market, I … Continue reading

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I scared Nik

This morning, I was towel drying my hair to get some extra water out of it after my shower and managed to move my neck wrong.  It hurt really badly, surprising so.  I continued with my routine, putting gel on … Continue reading

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Alexander Panos!! 70 pictures, 70 cards, 70 envelopes, two paper cutters, 140 blue triangles,  and lots of glue later, our birthday present to Nikki (my sister-in-law) is finished!

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Look at those bangs!

Here’s a little update on the bangs-growing-out progress: They’re long! Here’s the happy couple (with my current perennial problem – hair in my eyes)! And here they are!

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