Rachel and tea

We’re excited to see Rachel in just a few days!  And when she’s here, I just might make her some chai tea.  I just made some for myself and it’s good!  It’s actually sitting in the freezer, cooling down some before I put it on ice.  I’d attempting an iced chai because it’s 80 outside.  Who says global warming isn’t real?  (The heat is supposed to break tomorrow and be down in the 60s, thankfully.)

Chai Tea (with thanks to Leah who gave me the original recipe, with some tea too!)

2 C milk
2 C water
1-2 T of chopped fresh ginger (or however much you want)
a few whole cardamom pods, crushed to break them open
1/4 C sugar (Leah’s recipe calls for 1/2 C – you must really have a sweet tooth!)
2 T Assam tea (or some other kind of strong black tea)

Heat the milk, water, and spices gently until just simmering.  Add tea and sugar and let it brew until it’s dark enough – a minute is more than enough.  Pour the tea through a strainer and serve!

Here’s the alternate ingredient instructions:  Put in equal amounts of milk and water.  Add a bunch of ginger and cardamom pods.  After it boils, add sugar to taste and tea.  Drink!

Next time, I’m going to try adding whole cloves too.

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1 Response to Rachel and tea

  1. jjandlj says:

    Yea for Indian tea!  It’s so good!  I don’t think I put that much sugar in either…I don’t really measure those types of things anymore either ;o)  We didn’t have measuring cups or teaspoons while in Belfast so I’ve gotten much more used to estimating!  Enjoy your tea….I think I need to make some now too!

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