Who is your everyday hero?

Describe someone in your life who is an everyday hero:

“The person in my life who is an everyday hero is Mrs. B is my hero because
she helps us learn more things.  And she tries to help us with our language.
She even helps us with our emotions too.  She is a best teacher that anyone can’t
have.  That’s why my language and reading is improved.”

(I’m going to have to think about how I’ve helped them with their emotions!)

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1 Response to Who is your everyday hero?

  1. cjudge82 says:

    Hey Laura!I’m glad you guys got to listen to it! I also really like the lyrics to Intervention by Arcade Fire. I am pretty sure that they are, if not disenfranchised, than at least battle scarred by their experiences.You should really check out both of their albums. They’re both fantastic.And Laura? You’re my hero too.

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