I hate ivy.

I.  HATE. IVY.  HATE HATE HATE IVY.  I realize that may be strong language but it’s true.  I at least hate ivy that’s growing up through our bushes and attempting to strangle them.  Nik and I will be removing ivy for a long, long time.  It looks pretty nice growing along the side of our house but we discovered today that under all that crazy ivy we have gorgeous stone walls.  Who knew?  I’d rather have stone walls than crazy, over-grown ivy.  We’ll be fighting it for a while.  I think the No Ivy League would approve.

This is the wall along the driveway…(before the morning started I didn’t even know there was a wall there).  You can also see how the evil, evil ivy is eating our azaleas.

Nik’s handy work – along the sidewalk (all that is still there – we didn’t feel like taking care of it today!)

Proof that I’m accomplished something this morning

And here’s some of the work that I did on Saturday – I’m not done but at least it doesn’t look like the beds have been abandoned now!

Having a yard is A LOT of work!!
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4 Responses to I hate ivy.

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    wow-nice work.i like the stones too!

  2. doesn’t it feel good to get dirty and work with the earth and plants? You did a really good job. I understand your frustration, there’s actually this brush that a lot of people around Portland have, and it’s super annoying … it just takes over the lawn, and grows HUGE!

  3. nanacilla says:

    Great work!  I looked at all that ivy while back with you and thought,”That’s going to have to be dealt with at some point.”  Good for you for tackling it.

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