A boy’s house?!?!?!?!?!?!

As Lisa put it yesterday, “Your stuff is in a boy’s house now!!” [insert appropriate giggle track here!]  

That’s right, yesterday, Nik, Kristen, and I along with our good friend Judi and two young men from the church youth group moved the majority of my stuff into Nik’s house.   His roommates moved out last week and we knew that if we didn’t move my things in this weekend, it wouldn’t be happening until the weekend before the wedding.

The move was super easy – thanks in no small part to Mom’s masterful packing of my room during the day when I was at school and she was at my house.  That combined with the fact that I hadn’t even unpacked the majority of my things from my move in October made for a move that only lasted 1 1/2 hours!!  I was blessing Kristen yesterday for making me move in October.  I would have been incredibly stressed this spring if I hadn’t already done the vast majority of my sorting and packing last fall.

So now it seems very real that we are on the home stretch and will be married very soon.  Hip hip hooray!!

P.S. I just finished this book last night.  Mom and I found it at the Book Thing.  It was very good (I was pleasantly surprised – not much fluff there).  I think it’s number four in the series but I think it’s also meant to be read by itself.  Anyway – Meggan or Mom, if you want me to save the book for you, let me know.  Otherwise – I’m taking it back to the Book Thing!

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  1. nutmeggmama says:

    i read that this week too! [so i already own it, but thanks!]it’s the last book in the series i love-did your mom tell you, the third one i read about 4-5 times [that amazed her]. and, honestly, i thought this one was not quite as well written as the first three. though, i was having the miscarriage when i bought it the day is came out, and eric had me go to barnes and noble for a few hours by myself, so i might not have been in a mood to fully appreciate it.eric brought me the first one from loussac, kinda knowing i find christian fiction fluffy, but that i like historical fiction, and since i can read fast, i don’t mind consuming large quantities of fluff. so, after putting it off, i read it, and loved it, and eric laughed at me. but i swear, it’s not [too] fluffy! then i got the second from interlibrary loan, then i was so -in- to the story, i got it read in one night and morning, and called eric who brought the third one home from borders-i just couldn’t wait for the ILL. 🙂 then eric later found me the hardcover of the first one at the library book sale. i’ve accumulated them all.

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