Mom, I don’t speak Greek, and presents

Hey all!  This weekend was really great.  Mom flew in on Wednesday and we had a whirlwind few days of meeting Nik’s parents, shopping, dress fitting, going to my friend’s birthday party, and finally to my shower on Saturday afternoon.  The shower was really fun – there was a fun mix of my friends and Nik’s mom’s friends – most of whom speak Greek.  In case you were wondering, I don’t speak Greek and it was fun to be there and listen to all the Greek swirling around me.  We got so many wonderful presents.  A couple highlights – Kristen gave me a beautiful pottery bowl from Wild Yam Pottery, Mom made a couple of beautiful aprons for me and Nik mom’s gave us almost all of what we need for our bed.  All in all, a fun weekend.  I was, however, sick for most of it and exhausted by Sunday night.  So I decided to take today off to catch up on rest and grading and hopefully get better.  It seems to be working.  I have all my grading done, I’m feeling better, and I’m going to start on my thank you notes now.  I’ll post pictures once I get some from Mom or Nik’s mom.  I love you all!

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3 Responses to Mom, I don’t speak Greek, and presents

  1. judgie86 says:

    From what mom said, it sounded like an awesome time!!! I can’t quite describe how excited I am to come down and meeting Nik’s family. . .it’s gonna be so much fun!!! I’m glad you got the day off, R&R is always good. Hey, by the way, did we get our dresses yet??

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    i wanted to be there! [pout]

  3. nanacilla says:

    I had such a good time with you, Laura.  SO glad I went!

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